Wedding events

luxury experiences France

operates as a full-service design and planning team crafting, unforgettable weddings and elopements

in Paris and Bordeaux.

With our boots-on-the-ground 25+ years experience and big hearts, we live for getting you down the aisle, offering hands-on logistical planning from A to Z and making sure you get to be a guest at your own wedding.

From the beginning, we work with you on a custom package, and are your right-hand team.



No detail or question is too small with us. We are organized, responsive, and patient. Our experience is valuable, and will make you feel comfortable and confident – we know what we do and who we work with.

We are flexible, let you take over where you want to be more involved. We anticipate your needs and those of your guests before you even know about them.

We pay attention to every little thing, always checking in without being overbearing, and only involving you when absolutely necessary so you can truly enjoy the day.