creates luxury experiences and events

in Paris and Bordeaux.



Laurence TEIL graduated from Lausanne Hotel School.

She carries 25 years of experience in luxury hotels industry,

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lived in Bali, Cancun, Hong Kong, New York, Mexico City and Tokyo

lives between Paris and Bordeaux


founded LAURENCE TEIL LUXURY EXPERIENCES in 2016 (former Marlot Laurence Experiences)

She is expert in inventing and designing unique experiences and events, for every type of audience, in any space.


She combines your big ideas with her professionalism to create experiences and events that engage, inspire and delight.

We offer a white-labelled solution for destination management companies event planners and brands. 

Dedicated to producing luxury ​experiences and events in Paris and Bordeaux, we provide premium services ​and take our clients on meaningful, memorable and extraordinary journeys. ​

We are renowned for our attention to detail​ and high level of personal involvement. Our reputation is built on delivering truly exceptional event experiences that exceed expectations.


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