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From La Romanée Conti, to Latour or Pétrus, our wine expert David is a wine collector and

has a great knowledge of French wines.


He creates and leads exclusive wine tasting experiences and assist our guests in starting an enviable wine collection.


David shares how to feel the magic in the wine tasting and helps you build your taste and learning

about various wineries, grapes, vintages, wine character and styles.


From the unmissable big names to the lesser know gems, David curates unique wine collections that are well-balanced and built around your personal preferences and is an expert in wine tasting. He loves taking our guests to the charming vineyards of France through workshops showing the steps method to tasting wine like a pro, the terms and expressions to talk about it.

Here, it’s not about intellectualizing wine tasting, it is above all, a sensory and emotional experience.

Wine Expert

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