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Unforgettable  Experiences

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From having a cooking class and dinner in the private apartment of a Michelin star chef, discovering a haute-couture workshop, enjoying a private tour at the Louvre museum or dining on your own private boat on the river Seine facing the Eiffel tower, in Paris we make possible the seemingly impossible.




In Bordeaux, we organize helicopter tours above the vineyards, lunches in a fisherman hut or luxury picnics in the countryside. For wines lovers, we create the most perfect candlelight dinner in a castle of the 19th century and grants access to the most exclusive wine estates for exclusive tastings.

And what about a day in Arcachon bay, exploring the villages by bike and enjoying fresh oysters on a private local boat to Cap Ferret...

As a provider of premium quality, luxury and tailor-made activities, ​


works with high-end DMC companies seeking something extraordinary and personalized for their clients.

Luxury travel companies choose us because they know it makes a big difference in the overall experience of their guests.


we take them off the beaten path and beyond the usual tourist attractions... offering them unique opportunities to interact with locals and discover their passions, customs and expertise.

As local service providers for vip access to unique and most exclusive experiences not available to the public, we bring DMC's clients a taste of France’s magic through activities that combine luxury, authenticity and cultural immersion ensuring they experience the destination like a local

Picnics Chics

we are expertS in designing and setting up unique picnics chics for all special occasions in any beautiful outdoor places.

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