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Where to Eat Traditional French Food in Paris

If there is one thing that the French take seriously, it’s their food. There is never a good reason to skip a meal in France, and when you do sit down at the table, it is always an experience. A meal is never considered just a way of stopping your stomach from growling.

If a lot of big cities are famous for the multicultural food scenes that differentiate them from smaller, more rural areas, Paris still loves its French cuisine. But that doesn’t mean that things haven’t evolved in the kitchen. French chefs innovate while keeping their traditions in mind, bringing their own touch to dishes that are hundreds of years old.

From Michelin-starred treats to simple and delicious food, we’ve selected the best places to try traditional French food in Paris.

Bouillon Pigalle

A “bouillon” is a type of French restaurant. Traditionally the bouillons are big places where they serve good foo