VALERIE TRIBES, March 15, 2021


Valerie Tribes

Fashion Journalist & Author

An example of elegance in a book?

I would spontaneously say Madame Bovary! But in fact, no! Madame Bovary is not very elegant ... Let me think... a book in which I find elegance? It will not be a contemporary French writer because I don’t find them elegant. For me, it would be in a 19th century's book like the heroines of Wuthering Heights d'Emily Brontë ! I love England of the 19th century ...

An example of elegance in a place ?

in my head !

An example of elegance in a gift?

Elegance for me is to offer a gift with the heart,

a gift that resembles the one to whom it is offered.

An example of elegance in an accessory ?

I was going to say the Birkin Bag but it is sometimes so vulgarly worn...

An elegant accessory? I really like fantasy!

Are you more chic Rive Gauche or chic Rive Droite?

Right bank ! but in fact, I can’t choose between the two of them... I've lived on Rive Gauche for a long time, I love the Rive Gauche style but I don't like the spirit of the people living there today. I prefer to live on the Right Bank.

What is your favorite meal?

Cheese and red wine. Before the Covid situation, I used to travel every month and the first thing I did when I got home was to eat cheese with a glass of red wine.

If there are as many elegance styles as possible as there are women, how elegant are you?

My elegance is to be a free woman and sometimes too polite.

What is your bad taste?

The other day, I went out in the street with a bathrobe with floral pattern ... I like it but I know that it can be considered as a bad taste for others

A most nostalgic fashion memory?

When the fashion shows took place at the Carousel du Louvre! At the time, there weren't the influencers and all the brands paraded in the same place, it was another time.

What must be done in Paris that nobody knows?

I would say : do not follow the advices you find on the magazines...

What makes everything sublime in fashion?

Be comfortable in your clothes! If you try to dress up and you are not comfortable, you will not be able to look beautiful even if you wear a CHANEL suit. To look elegant, do not try to look like someone else, do not try to imitate someone… There is a girl on Instagram who clones my style from A to Z and sometimes, for some photos, I think it is me, especially from the back! It makes me smile! I find this approach not very elegant...

How to be chic?

Be yourself ... with a good dose of cool attitude and a mix of accessories… I'm an accessories fan. For example today,I am wearing a plaid shirt, vintage Levis jeans and CHANEL shoes and as a bag, I have a Danish tot bag.

What's your motto?

Dare ! No pain, no gain!

Simone de Beauvoir or Simone Veil?

Simone Veil! I don't like Simone de Beauvoir's unbridled sexuality.

The heroine of a fiction that you would like to be?

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city. But, I don't like her type of relationship with men at all. I already found my Mister B!