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VALERIE TRIBES, March 15, 2021


Valerie Tribes

Fashion Journalist & Author

An example of elegance in a book?

I would spontaneously say Madame Bovary! But in fact, no! Madame Bovary is not very elegant ... Let me think... a book in which I find elegance? It will not be a contemporary French writer because I don’t find them elegant. For me, it would be in a 19th century's book like the heroines of Wuthering Heights d'Emily Brontë ! I love England of the 19th century ...

An example of elegance in a place ?

in my head !

An example of elegance in a gift?

Elegance for me is to offer a gift with the heart,

a gift that resembles the one to whom it is offered.

An example of elegance in an accessory ?

I was going to say the Birkin Bag but it is sometimes so vulgarly worn...

An elegant accessory? I really like fantasy!

Are you more chic Rive Gauche or chic Rive Droite?

Right bank ! but in fact, I can’t choose between the two of them... I've lived on Rive Gauche for a long time, I love the Rive Gauche style but I don't like the spirit of the people living there today. I prefer to live on the Right Bank.

What is your favorite meal?

Cheese and red wine. Before the Covid situation, I used to travel every month and the first thing I did when I got home was to eat cheese with a glass of red wine.

If there are as many elegance styles as possible as there are women, how elegant are you?

My elegance is to be a free woman and sometimes too polite.

What is your bad taste?

The other day, I went out in the street with a bathrobe with floral pattern ... I like it but I know that it can be considered as a bad taste for others