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This article is taken out from gives you the adresses for a good croissant in Paris...

"Here are a few pointers when seeking out a good croissant in Paris. 1. Make sure you order a croissant au beurre. The other option is croissant ordinaire. You will be able to tell a difference just by looking. The big difference is in the taste. 2. Time of Day. Be mindful when you are ordering your croissant at the Boulangerie. I have had bad luck first thing in the morning 6 am, and much better luck around 9 am for a warm fresh one right out of the oven. It makes all the difference! You can also try around 4 pm during the children’s goûter hour. If you order a croissant around 11/12 they are most likely going to be more dry from sitting out for a few hours. BOULANGERIE UTOPIE : 20 RUE JEAN – PIERRE TIMBAUD BOULANGERIE ONFROY : 34 RUE DE SAINTONGE BOULANGERIE MODERNE RABINEAU – 16 RUE DES FOSSES ST JACQUES BLÉ SUCRÉ – 7 RUE ANTOINE VALLON DU PAIN ET DES IDÉES – 34 RUE YVES TOUDIC MAISON LANDEMAINE 28 BEAUMARCHAIS HONORABLE MENTION I discovered my favorite pain au chocolat back in 2012 when I was in Montmartre. Le Grenier à Pain, 38 Rue Des Abbesses (closed Tuesday and Wednesday) I still pop in when I am in the neighborhood and it doesn’t disappoint. I will say I think they are more on the bien cuite side with their baking, you will see this with their baguettes too.

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