Pepita Diamand, fashion designer

& Philippe, Leboeuf, GM Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Paris

Best Independent Hotelier of the World

For you, who embodies the French elegance?

Pepita : " A woman ! because one of the first French film that I ever gone into was Nikita and I love Jeanne Moreau when she teaches the girl how to be a woman, she shows her how to put the lipstick on... and then as I developped and I watched some of Jeanne Moreau’s films, she definetely is the embodiement of French elegance to me. "

P.Leboeuf : "Yves Montand (hope that doesn’t sound too old!) "

Your good mood playlist ?

Pepita : "Hip hop, I love hip hop ! If I need to be in a good mood, I get on a bike, I download the app Peleton Cycles and do their hip hop cycling courses ! "

P.Leboeuf : "U2 and Reggaeton "


You are hungry in the middle of the night: what do you grab out of the fridge?

P.Leboeuf : "An apple !"


What accesory-ies do you always have on your dinner table to make it beautiful ?

P.Leboeuf :" Candles!"

Pepita : "I agree with Monsieur, it is always with candles because it makes it better even when I take away on a Tuesday "


What is the whim of a star you have realized

for a hotel guest ?

P.Leboeuf : " Filled the pool of a previous hotel with semi saline water for the small alligator

of the big star.... !! "

What is the French treat you could not do without ?

Pepita : "There is something with Champagne that I love more than anything. Goujeres ! I love goujeres . My favorite in the world is to sit at the bar of the Normandy Hotel in Deauville, they serve goujeres with a glass of Champagne Rose Billecart Salmon. If I ever find out that I am ill and am gonna die, that is where I do it. At the bar, goujeres and Rosé, done ! "

P.Leboeuf : "Champagne!"

What is your hidden talent ?

Pepita : "After a few glasses of Bilecart Salmon rosé, I am not a bad jazz singer. But after the Champagne, not before ! "

P.Leboeuf : "Survivalism! "


As a remarkable fashion designer, have you thought of creating a chic outfit for you when you bike along with Monsieur ?

Pepita : "I have for the past 6 years been bugging this man, I sent an email twice a year to Simon Mottram, the CEO of a Company called Rapha, which makes the nicest cycling uniforms. Twice a year , he gets an email from me for a skort. Because I want a skort ! A skort is a short with a skirt , because I hate the way cycling shorts look like you are wearing a diaper. As he keeps saying he is not going to do it, maybe I have to do it myself. "

Favorite destination for a retreat ?

Pepita : "There is a fabulous hotel in Calvi called « La Villa » that we love . And I love Corsica in general because every time I go there, I discover something new. "

P.Leboeuf : "Deauville, Normandy or Cantal. There is a lovely place called « Instants d’Absolu » owned by a sweet couple, on a lake, in the middle of the volcanoes. There, you sleep well, it is a nice farmhouse, they have a very good chef, decent food, and there is nothing around, except the absolute calm, What is luxury today ? it is about peace and serenity and that what you get there .

We took a van and a tandem, we cycled and it was incredible. And also, half of the presidents or prime ministers of France have been from Cantal so the roads are great, empty and beautifully done and to cycle it’s wonderful ! "

As a biker, where would you dream to ride you have never done before ?

Pepita : "Today, it is all about Mars, so I would probably say Mars.Or Maybe Australia, it must be beautiful and flat. Or Israel along the coast..."

P.Leboeuf : "Either Mallorca or Taiwan "