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MATHILDE FAVIER, April 15, 2021

Mathilde Favier

Director of Public Relations

In charge of the celebrities



Where do you like to find elegance

-in a movie ?

"Le Portrait de Dorian Gray" by Albert Lewin ( from the book writtten by Oscar Wilde), "Bellissima" by Visconti ( with the beautiful Anna Magnani), "Sérénade à Trois" by Ernest Lubitsch

-in a place? In private and secret houses or restaurants. In a garden .

-in a music? in all the music that are melancholic

-in a painting? The painting that touche me in terms of elegance are the French ones of the 18th century

-The best menu for a girls' dinner? A great vegan dinner cooked by Maisie Cafe. Or the TV set menu by the chef Jean François Piege

-How do you transform a day outfit into an evening outfit ? I wear other accessories than during the day. I change my jewelry, my shoes, my makeup.

-Is there a Mathilde Favier's style? I imagine so! You have to tell me!

-What time of the day do you apply perfume? All day! And it always has been with the same fragrance forever. Tuberose...

- Among your friends, who, in your eyes, embodies French elegance? I think of all my Parisian friends: Camille Miceli, Vanessa Seward, Vanessa Van Zuylen, Charlotte Deffe, Emmanuelle Alt ... I think the list is long ...

-How is la Parisienne different from other women ? La Parisienne dares. She doesn't care what you think of her.

-The most memorable dinner you have attended ? These dinners no longer exist. I am thinking of the dinners of Paul Louis Weiller, Marie Helene de Rothschild, Jacqueline de Ribes.

-Do you have a must-have beauty product? Dior Apricot Nail Cream and a floral water spray that I spray all day on my face

-The whim of a star that you knew how to achieve ? It remains the secret of the stars

-Do you have a hidden talent? I paint on porcelain,

I needlepoint,

I know how to remove splinters...

And it seems that I cook quite well!

-What would be the title of your autobiography? Mathilde's smile

-In what way is hosting an art for you ? It is above all a gift from the heart.

-What do you do to enhance your table when you have guests? A pretty tablecloth, my collection of plates, a pretty light and seasonal flowers.

-Where do you like to have lunch Paris? At home or in my office, where lunch is a moment of peace.

-What kind of gift do we offer you to make you happy? Flowers, candles, chocolate, books


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