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HELOISE BRION, March 30, 2021


Héloïse Brion

Author & cook,

Miss Maggie’s Kitchen,

website for recipes, lifestyle, fashion,

tableware and decoration tips

How do you stay elegant while peeling carrots?

For me, elegance isn't necessarily what you're wearing. It's a way to stand and be! It is not because you are in a pretty dress that you are elegant...You can be elegant when you wear jeans and a T-shirt, it's in the way you behave, in your gestures that are part of who you are. I don't know if I'm always elegant while peeling my carrots, but my years of ballet must definitely be part of it. To be elegant is to take care of yourself and love what you do. In my kitchen, I don't have a lot of food processor, but the utensils I use, I choose them for their practicality but also aesthetics, I find them beautiful… and I have fun using them and that immediately makes the gestures more graceful.

Do you prefer Madame Bovary's onion soup or Père Goriot's ratatouille?

I love both! But, I would say ratatouille ... I like a good ratatouille! I caramelize the vegetables very slowly - it's delicious the same day! The next day, we put the vegetables that have candied well on a slice of toast with garlic ... a real treat!

If you are invited to dinner, what can you not resist?

A good glass of wine, good bread… good products!

When you're lazy to cook?

I make a soup and a boiled egg. A boiled egg when you soak a mouillette bread with semi-salted butter in it, it's not bad at all!

Your favorite place in the world for lunch?

It would be outside and by the water. I grew up by the water - I love being near the ocean or a river.

Your menu for a romantic dinner?

For Christophe, it is quite easy because I know him by heart! So that would be a very simple menu: small toasts with good foie gras and a little fig chutney accompanied by a glass of champagne and some seafood.

And then, I know he loves roast chicken with thyme and lemon with herbal infused mash potatoes . I love it when it's super simple and I like it when you recognize what you're eating! And for dessert, I would make Franou's lemon tart (my sweet mom).

Who would you dream of cooking with?

I would love to cook and I hope we will do it soon, with Perla Serban-Schreiber. Perla and I recognize each other a lot. Perla had said while recording a podcast, “I didn't know I had a twin sister much younger than me. "

Perla is someone I love deeply, we both love cooking, transmitting love through our dishes.

Do you miss Paris?

No, I don't miss Paris since confinement. Without its cultural life, without its restaurants, Paris is sad and not the way I love the city. Before confinement, I was going there every two weeks for 2-3 days and I could admire the beauty of Paris ...

Do you have a hidden talent?

I am not bad at teaching my kids choreography before going to bed!

A beauty routine?

It is very simple… I wash my face, an eye treatment, a moisturizing serum, a day cream with a minimum SPF and in the evening, I remove make-up no matter what and I hydrate again… My hair, I wash them and from time to time I make masks, I do not blow dry them and I go to a hairdresser only once a year. I have some grey hair and I find it sheds some light ... My mom always told me "skin is like a t-shirt!" You must not pull on it too much otherwise it will deform ... "

Do you have a winter fragrance and a summer one?

I have been wearing the same perfume for 10-15 years, Costume National n21!

I couldn't change it because my boys are very attached to this perfume… It has the same effect on me when I smell L'Heure Bleue in the street, I could jump into the arms of the person who wears it, it's a childhood memory well anchored.

What makes everything in the kitchen sublime?

The love that we put in our dishes ... I add fresh herbs, crushed walnuts, hazelnuts, grated homemade Parmesan, it makes the dishes more joyful!

Your secret to make a table beautiful?

I like to go into the garden and pick 2-3 stems, a pretty flower with a branch of verbena or rosemary and a ribbon or jute twine and immediately it sublimates a table. I like to put on my table good seasonal products like lemons, artichokes or apples, it makes the table come alive!

French fries or French toasts ?

I love fries with oysters. What pleases me the most is a large oysters' dish with fries and I am delighted! And for the fries, not just any fries, they have to be crispy ...


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