Apollonia Poilâne, July 13th 2021


Apollonia Poilâne

Baker, she is the third generation to run the Poilâne bakery, created in 1932 by her grandfather., Pierre Poilâne.

-What do you do with a piece of bread ?

breadcrumbs or croutons. They can be flavored with herbs or spices. They become classics of the kitchen cupboard and we do not waste a crumb of our daily bread.

-What dish in sauce do you like (that can be mopped up with bread) ?

A dish simmered in a casserole dish ... but ironically, the action of simmering consists of thickening the dish with bread crumbs!!

-A trait of personality in your family Poilâne?


-Your best memory of brioche?

a brioche-baba or the art of using it like a savarin. It was a test that has become a signature of mine when I receive friends.

-Your pêché mignon?

Chocolate ! I am also a member of the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat

-Is making bread an art?

Yes, in the sense that it requires sensitivity and listening, requirement and flexibility. But there is also bread - the artistic material - the very one that led Salvador Dalí to order my father a bedroom made of bread.

-You never go out without? My watch, to keep but above all to appreciate the time.

-A place to get a bit of rest? the oven of the bakery. Saturday mornings, I go there to bake with my companions, and devote myself to my primary activity: baking

-A painting that you like? Claude Monet's series of paintings "Les Meules" (Stacks of wheat) because they are cereals, but also because we see the effects of light and atmosphere over the days and seasons .


-A street in Paris? Place Paul-Painlevé, in the 5th district, for a nod to my activity. Otherwise, of course, rue du Cherche-Midi, where my grandfather moved to n ° 8 in 1932.

-Sweet or salty toast? Sweet / salty! My apple-Comté-caramel * tartine, halfway between the main course and the dessert, it is also excellent as an aperitif or as a snack cut into small 2cm sections. The tartness of the apple complements the richness of the cheese and the sweetness of the salted butter caramel. * The recipes mentioned can be found in Apollonia Poilâne's book, "Poilâne, The secrets of the world famous bakery"

If you are at 8am in Paris, what are the do not misses to feel like a local? a croissant in one of my 4 Parisian addresses, a hot chocolate at Café de Flore with a newspaper or take a tour of the Luxembourg Garden.

-What does it mean to be the bread of the celebrities? I interpret the choice some celebrities make to eat our bread as recognition of the quality of our work. But our desire, our goal, is to provide as many people as possible access to quality bread, a natural sourdough bread, which nourishes because we have preserved the nutritional values of the grain, and which can be kept for several days so as not to not waste a crumb.

-What is the craziest thing that has been done by Poilâne and with Poilâne bread? The furniture of a room all made of bread. A bed, a sideboard, a bench, a chandelier, all made of bread by my father Lionel Poilâne, for the artist Salvador Dali. Another illustration that bread and art are linked!

-Greediness sin or vertue? Greediness is obviously not a sin! My father had undertaken to address the Pope in order to ask him to reclassify the sin of gluttony into a sin of greediness or intemperance. Indeed, his ethical vision led him to consider greediness not as a sin, but rather as a virtue. For him, food made body and soul happy. After his death, my sister and I pursued this objective by requesting an audience with the Pope in order to give him our “Plea”. To enrich this crusade, many friends and adherents of this quest have written, each in their own field, why the use of the word “greediness” as a sin was no longer justified. Older authors, such as Brillat Savarin, have also praised greediness.

-What is french breakfast? for me it's a large bowl of coffee with a toast - toasted or not - of sourdough bread, butter-jam, or honey; or a café-croissant at the counter of my favorite bistro.

-How do you make your diner table beautiful when you have some guests? I like to put bread rolls in the names of my guests to place them or a decorated loaf of bread in the center of the table to celebrate the moment.

-Why did you say that bread can be considered as the ancestor of Facebook? As I have said before: the best social network: a loaf of bread with friends. I still think so!