• Laurence

Apollonia Poilâne, July 13th 2021


Apollonia Poilâne

Baker, she is the third generation to run the Poilâne bakery, created in 1932 by her grandfather., Pierre Poilâne.

-What do you do with a piece of bread ?

breadcrumbs or croutons. They can be flavored with herbs or spices. They become classics of the kitchen cupboard and we do not waste a crumb of our daily bread.

-What dish in sauce do you like (that can be mopped up with bread) ?

A dish simmered in a casserole dish ... but ironically, the action of simmering consists of thickening the dish with bread crumbs!!

-A trait of personality in your family Poilâne?


-Your best memory of brioche?

a brioche-baba or the art of using it like a savarin. It was a test that has become a signature of mine when I receive friends.

-Your pêché mignon?

Chocolate ! I am also a member of the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat

-Is making bread an art?

Yes, in the sense that it requires sensitivity and listening, requirement and flexibility. But there is also bread - the artistic material - the very one that led Salvador Dalí to order my father a bedroom made of bread.

-You never go out without? My watch, to keep but above all to appreciate the time.

-A place to get a bit of rest? the oven of the bakery. Saturday mornings, I go there to bake with my companions, and devote myself to my primary activity: baking