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Transmissison & Art de Vivre,
The Story Of Our Family

Over the past 40 years, our family takes over about 10 hotels that they entirely renovate. They thus become specialized in boutique hotels and found their hotel brand Paris Hotels Charm .

Today, the expertise of Paris Hotels Charm is based on the experience of  several generations. We, the three children, Laurence, Antoine and Stéphane work to perpetuate the family traditions and preserve the cultural heritage. 

Claude, our father often thinks of the time when, with a telephone, a notebook and a pencil, he was hand-taking the clients' reservations. It was 40 years ago and I was 2 years old.

About me

Through the strong family values such as the devotion to duty, the enduring service and the profound attachment to the land of our ancestors, the transmission of the long family tradition always appear to be of paramount importance in my life. - Laurence

"Rooms truly elegant, rival in comfort, luxury and decor some of Paris' finest hotels"
6 Parisian boutique hotels managed by our family
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